How (I think) Astrology Works – 101

Dear Readers,

This is Victor Gregory Seldom and I am writing this article for two reasons. One to introduce my view of astrology to the readers and two to see if I am using WordPress properly and that people can actually see what I am writing about.

If I am telling you what you already know, skip to the section which is new to you. if none of this is new to you, this section is not really for you.

Based on your time of birth, date and place of birth, the planets align in a constellation and configuration unique to only you. We astrologers make a note of this and draw a chart as shorthand to record this data. This is your natal chart and only you have it. People born the same time, place and birth as you, in the same hospital, will have a different chart, because it is likely they will have different parents from you!

With this natal chart we divide into 12 sectors and start to draw out information about you, based on this unique snapshot. Each planet and sign have certain characteristics and based on how they interact with each other in this natal chart, we have the blueprint for you at birth.

What we want to know and what you want to know is how does all this change over time?

This is where a good asrologer comes into their own and earns their money. We look at Transits and Progressions. We look at how the planets have moved over the short -term (Transits) and over the year(s) (Progressions).

We look for trends and possible areas of concern and interest. We then advise people on these future trends and invite them to make decisions based on their self-judgement and our insights.

That is the theory, anyway.

Of particular interest to an astrolger is what planets were strongest at the time of birth, as these planets will continue to play a lasting role throughout a person’s life. Some consciously, some karmically and some unconsciously.

The most important for me is the Rising Sign. The exact time of birth, date of birth and location of birth, will give me this. Armed with this, a more accurate reading can be given and this Rising Sign can be more powerful or accurate than a person’s Sun Sign and can override this equally important piece of information.

Once you know you Rising Sign, it is worth reading it along with your Sun Sign when you read your daily astrological reading.

More to follow soon…

Happy Reading,



About Lincolnberry58

I am an Educational professional who has a lifelong interest in Astrology. This site provides me the opportunity to combine this hobby with my other interests of current affairs an business. Hopefully this site will interest fellow astrology lovers and provide them with many hours of helpful and useful articles. For me it will give me a reason to continue studying and writing about this fascinating and ever-evolving subject. Happy Reading. Victor.

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