What Does Neptune in Pisces Mean Until 2025?

Neptune is currently in Aquarius but is due to go back into Pisces from February 2012 and stay there until at least 2023.

What does this all mean? For an individual or collectively?

Neptune rules the unconscious, it rules culture, ideology, fashion, how we perceive the world and construct a coherent reality in which we can function. Since everyone’s reality is different, Neptune also rules deception, deceit and self-denial and how one’s truth merges with another person’s, to bring about resolution and a new paradigm. Or seeks to deliberately avoid it.

Where Uranus rules sudden ‘out-of-the-blue’ changes, Neptune rules the ‘long time coming’ change, the way we see a train coming to the station before it actually arrives. The inevitable ultimate consequence of actions. If we eat enough chocolates all our teeth will fall out. We keep on eating over many years, and our teeth eventually fall out. We are not surprised, but are surprised because it actually happens and does come to pass. Just because something is not tangible or cannot be seen by the naked eye, doesn’t mean it does not exist. Inert gases and faith are two such examples. Neptune therefore also rules gases, faith and belief. It also rules crime and mystery because the former is form of deception and the latter a form of belief. People who write crime novels or are religiously driven would have a strong Neptune in their chart.

Pisces is the last of the 12 ideological signs. Where Aries signifies the beginning, Pisces is about endings, resolutions, conclusions. It also rules Karma and Escapism.What begins in Aries concludes in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces would suggest that culture, fashion, religion and how people will perceive things in general will have to change and it will be the logical consequence of all that has gone before.

Since Neptune will be in a different sign for many people and occupy a different place in the sky at their birth, its impact will  felt be felt differently. However there will be common threads emerging. Firstly, many things that appeared immutable and unmovable will actually move. They will be challenged, judged and in many cases overthrown. Because Neptune rules gases, there will be a void for awhile until people figure out what to replace the ancien regime with. People will float along with uncertainty and fill this chasm with reflexive and instinctive feelings and thoughts. ie, a return to the dogmatism, certainty and extremism of both the Left and the Right. Centrism will find it hard to flourish in this period. Governments and their solutions will seek to assuage the basic concerns of the homogeneous many over the hetrogeneous few. ‘Protecting what we have, protecting what we know,’ will be a common theme and mantra heard endlessly over this coming period. A form of cultural protectionism will prevail.

Secondly, new and alternative theories and ways of looking at things will emerge.  This would be in the field of medicine, the environment, the immediate world we live in and what we call ‘outer space’.

The coming road journey is going to be full of uncertainty and will zig-zag. A straight line will be hard to find. Every time certainty is within grasp it will dissolve into a mirage and we will all have to start again. Only when the old order has been replaced with a workable new alternative will Neptune in Pisces give way to Neptune in Aries. Since Neptune spends up to 14 years in each sign, this process is going to be like a slow train coming.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Happy Reading.



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I am an Educational professional who has a lifelong interest in Astrology. This site provides me the opportunity to combine this hobby with my other interests of current affairs an business. Hopefully this site will interest fellow astrology lovers and provide them with many hours of helpful and useful articles. For me it will give me a reason to continue studying and writing about this fascinating and ever-evolving subject. Happy Reading. Victor.

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  1. Thank you for this fascinating post!
    The very idea of having to live outside of one’s comfort zone for an indefinite period can bring on that lurch of dread and uncertainty to the very pit of one’s stomach, but it’s evident that this is the only way to undo and relearn what one must in order to move forward.
    I love the concept of Neptune concluding and resolving what has gone before, as if for once and for all. Coming full circle should hopefully tip the balance of power and expose many ideological constructs for what they really are.
    I would love to read more on your articles if you could expand on this piece to include how this would affect the Sun signs of the zodiac in their houses of work, relationships, home/family, etc.

    As a double Pisces (Sun and Moon), I did wonder about my fascination with crime thrillers…!

    Finally, would you at any point in the future be performing any chart readings?

    All the best,

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