Neptune In Pisces Through The Houses

Dear Readers,

In this article I am going to look at what Neptune in Pisces means as it transits through the different houses.

In your natal chart, the planets are situated in certain positions at your birth. These planets move as your life progresses. Once you know your time, date and place of birth, you’ll know where the planets are in your natal chart. This article focuses on where the planets have transited to in the meantime.

Neptune will remain in Pisces for roughly 14 years, so the changes brought about by this planet are going to be substantial, slow-moving and quite profound. It won’t just affect people on a personal level it will also have a generational pull which will impact upon their mindset and how they function within their community, their country and with their colleagues.

Neptune is about culture, fashion and perception and has a different meaning and impact depending on which house it is transiting. When occupying Pisces, Neptune is concerned with endings and the resolution of all that has gone before. The events and personal behaviour of the previous signs find their synthesis in this configuration and the outcome found here is a logical conclusion to all that has gone beforehand. The 9th house activities of Neptune will be very significant in this respect.

In the 1st house, we are dealing with how one is perceived and not how one perceives or projects themselves. This transit of Neptune suggests a change in how people will see us. It could be an improvement, like a lottery win, or a downgrade, such as a divorce or loss of job or public disappointment such as losing an election. In extreme cases, such as after an accident to oneself or a close relative or friend; or religious mania, a loss of identity, self or who one is and what they believe in can occur.

The 2nd house deals with personal finance. Fluctuation of money can occur here. No clear idea of how the money is coming in and where it is going to. The money is spent before it is earned. An illusory belief that the flow of money will continue. Entertainers and performers often have this configuration in their chart. The suggestion being to try to save while the tap is switched on. Money can be made though through artistic and creative activities. However uncertainty and a hand-to-mouth existence tend to predominate during this period.

During a 3rd house transit of Neptune, issues to do with family, siblings and the immediate environment come to the fore. There may either be a detachment from loved ones or a desire to get to the bottom of a mystery or secret which has been troubling the native.

The 4th house deals with the home and the mother, or the dominant parent or guardian in a person’s life. It could mark the beginning of a new phase where the native leaves home for the first time, or is forced to leave a familiar environment and start afresh some place new. Emigrating to a new country or being posted to a new country for work reasons are possibilities. It could also mark the beginning of a new phase between the native and their mother. The latter may retire, or may need additional or extra help, be it emotional, financial or physical.

In the 5th house, people may fall in love with or be attracted to unusual people. They are different from the norm in some way that is quickly perceived by others. They could be more talented, cleverer, dishonest than the average person. The 5th house is also the house of the 1st born child, so a worry or pre-occupation with the affairs of this child can occur. Depending on the aspect this could be a healthy concern for the native’s welfare or an obsession which may alienate the partner or other siblings, who resent this unfair time allocation and distribution.

The 6th house refers to work, co-workers and our general health. This house can also refer to people who answer to us in some capacity. The native may not be their boss, but if you are paying them for a service or function, at that particular moment in time, you are their boss. Neptune in this house would suggest some uncertainty or confusion as to how to behave or conduct oneself in this situation. If you are paying a friend to fix your car and they make a mess of the job are they still your friend, or an employee, in this particular instance? Neptune in this house would also suggest paying special attention to medicine labels and reading them very carefully, and watching how much you drink. The body may react or over react and make the native unusually dizzy, sleepy and restless if Neptune has a bad aspect from this house. In good aspect, your co-workers will feel that they can approach you openly without any barriers.

The 7th house deals with relationships and in particular the person who is our current spouse or the most important person in our lives presently. Whereas the 5th house deals with love affairs and people we are attracted to, the 7th house takes this a step further and deals with the significant people who impact upon us. A love affair will show up in the 5th house, but the significance of it will be in the 7th house. If a married spouse is having an affair, the 7th house will show which of the native’s two partners is the dominant force in their lives. A native can still have strong feelings (positive or negative) for an ex. This will also show in the 7th house. Neptune in this house is also a strong indicator that either there is deception in this relationship or that the motivation and basis of this relationship is not honest, sincere or clear-headed. Neptune in Pisces in the 7th house would also suggest that the situation is due for resolution and that all will be revealed, slowly but surely. While the 5th house is concerned with the first child, the 7th house is concerned with the second child and their relationship with the native. Natives with a 7th house Neptune will be able to tap into other people’s thoughts and aspirations almost subconsciously.

The 8th house focuses on the finances of the partner, the subconscious, the occult, the sex drive of the native and in conjunction with the first and fourth houses, decline and death. Only when the fourth house and first house confirm and validate transits in the eigth house are we looking at personal demise. Usually in this house there is a confusion or obsession with sex and sexual identity. The financial affairs of the partner can also come to the fore with this particular transit. A negative Neptune suggests deception and fraud and attempts to deceive the partner financially. A positive Neptune would indicate a healthy interest in the occult, the mysteries of life and a desire to understand their facets and get back to the basic fundamentals of life.

The 9th house rules long journeys, the higher mind, religion and the third child in the family. Neptune placed in this house, especially in Pisces can lead to extremism, fanaticism and fundamentalism. Neptune rules culture, fashion and what is currently in vogue within a society. In the ninth house Neptune is within its own element.

Why? Because traditionally Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered. Jupiter still rules Sagittarius which is the Lord of the 9th house and therefore Neptune in the 9th house is the home-from-home for this planet.

The years between 2011 and 2025 will see this aspect come to the fore more as commonly-held philosophies come under attack and no longer seem able to justify themselves in the scheme of things. Democracy, autocracy, mainstream religion, altruism and concepts of liberty, freedom and power will be challenged. The existing hierarchy will not be able to assume implicit acceptance of their ideas and will have to fight their corner. In doing so, they may have to retreat to a basic atavistic, nationalistic and patriotic crusade to get their voices heard or believed. The political centre will come under great pressure and there will be an ideological battle for hearts, minds and souls. While turmoil, strife and social dislocation may be occurring at one level, great advances and developments will be simultaneously manifesting themselves in the fields of medicine and agricultural science.

At a personal level and at a generational level there will be a lot of subconscious reflection and analysis as to where are we, where are we going and how do we successfully get to where we want to go? The old ways will not necessary hold all the answers and new ways at looking at old problems may be invoked. With Pluto square Uranus until 2015 novelty and innovation may be the order of the day. The tail may start to wag the dog and the power elites (Pluto) may have to reform how they do things (Capricorn) in order to pacify the people and their cultural aspirations (Neptune). The period from 2015 – 2025 could be the laying of new foundations ready for when Neptune enters Aries in 2025 ushering in new beginnings.

A power struggle between Pluto and Uranus will definitely take place during this period. Neptune will seek to loosen and blur the ties that bind us and force us to reconsider and look at things differently. A new paradigm will emerge, very different from the one we see or operate in currently.

The 10th house rules career, our personal aspirations and our place in the world. Where the 1st house deals with how others perceive us, the 10th house focuses upon how we project ourselves on to the world. How we want to be seen, our image. Unless the ruler of the 1st house occupies the 10th house, how we are seen is usually different to how we project ourselves. The 10th house also rules the native’s father or the dominant parent in the native’s life. A native may follow into a similar profession or look very like that particular parent if the ruling sign of the 1st house occupies the tenth house. However Neptune occupying this house presents a very different set of issues for the native. Neptune in the tenth house indicates an unusual or mysterious occupation such as an entertainer, writer, musician, government agent or someone whose income and popularity fluctuates regularly. Neptune will also attract deception and criminal activities. Mystery crime writers and people dabbling in criminal underworld activities will both flourish and congregate in the 10th house. Medical people and careers in hospitals also emerge with Neptune in the 10th house.  Occasionally, spiritual gurus and religious visionary leaders can be found with this configuration.

With Neptune transiting Pisces in the 10th house, a native’s career can be bestowed with achievement, honour and prestige not fully expected or a complete collapse and fall from grace, equally not expected. Politics and high office often have Neptune in and around the 10th house as power and deception often accompany the desire for a higher profile. In order to achieve preferment individuals have to develop an effective filter system to disregard many things which may deflect or deter a lesser native’s desire for ambition. Neptune in the 10th house is an ideal placement for self-deception and self-denial. Many successful people have had to overcome severe handicaps and heartaches to achieve and prosper. If they did not convince themselves that tomorrow would be better than today, there would be no tomorrow. A benign Neptune can help soften the pain and filter out negative self-introspection. It also gives an intuitive knowledge for what career paths and opportunities best suit the native and when to pursue them.

The 11th house deals with friends, associates, associations, wishes and desires. This is the house of the fourth child and humanitarian endeavours. Neptune in this house might suggest either devious and ulterior reasons for friendship or people who seek to befriend you for dishonest reasons. Neptune in this house would also indicate clubs and associations which might have occult and religious leanings. Likewise friends and associates might be a bit dreamy and unworldly. The wishes and aspriations of the native may be somewhat unrealistic or not well thought through. Unless Neptune is well aspected from this house, there may be mysterious and secretive associations whose interests are not for the common good and are shrouded and deliberately hidden from view. A well aspected Neptune in this house would suggest a generous disposition towards friends and associates, which in turn is returned when the native needs that support and assistance.

The 12th house is the last house of the native’s chart and is tradionally ruled by Pisces and its ruler Neptune. It is the house of escapism, self-reflection and sorrow. It is where we reflect upon our actions and see the outcome of our efforts. In this house we seek and find seclusion. This can be voluntary, like going to a quiet country retreat, or imposed, such as being exiled from your country after a revolution or coup. The purpose of the 12th house is to reflect upon past events and prepare for the forthcoming season, ushered in by 1st house activities. What happens in the 12th house is usually kept private and the native either wishes to keep the secret they have, or it is advisable for them to do so. A secret affair or medical condition or participating in a criminal activity are such examples.

Neptune in this house would indicate someone who needs to recharge their batteries and lie low for awhile. The native would also be someone who would better flourish and work effectively behind the scenes. An adverse Neptune in the 12th house might indicate a fugitive or someone hiding for reasons they would rather keep secret. The planet Neptune is aspecting would determine the nature of the secret. Mercury, would suggest writings and communications. Venus to do with affairs of the heart and relationships. Jupiter might suggest a lottery winner who wants to keep their good fortune to themselves or a person who wishes to keep quiet about unexplained earnings and income.

Neptune in Pisces is preparation for the new beginnings which will occur when Neptune enters into Aries. This period from 2012 until 2025 is a time of spring cleaning when all that is old or no longer serves any practical purpose will be or has to be swept away. Depending on which house Neptune in Pisces occupies in the native’s chart, determines the area and sphere of life which needs to be overhauled and re-evaluated.

The native will have the opportunity to make the necessary changes to their lives, but if they choose not to do so, Neptune like Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will step in and make the necessary changes for them whether they want them to or not. Whether the change is beneficial to them, or adverse, it will create challenges and opportunities that the native will have to confront and spend a lot of time negotiating and accepting. At the end of the process the native will be a very different individual from the one at the beginning.

The purpose of this change is to prepare the native for the new period and equip them for this new reality. For some it will be a pleasantly surprising experience, for others it might feel like their worst nightmare made real. Either way, it is an irreversible journey which has to be taken to meet the needs and requirements of this demanding Universe. After all our Fate is written in the stars, isn’t it?

Happy Reading.



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  1. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Please follow the link below for the rules.

  2. I need clearer understanding. I know neptune is in pisces right now, but which house is it in? In other words. I know that the 12th house is ruled by pisces. So for me this means that since neptune rules pisces that the house that is being emphasized by this transit would be the 12th house for the entire 14 years or am I wrong?

    • Dear Ginrummy08,

      Thank you for your question.

      Neptune is in Pisces, but which house it is in depends on your time of birth, date of birth and location.
      Once that has been established, we will be able to identify which house Neptune in Pisces occupies in your chart.
      That will also highlight the factors at work in your chart and what role other planets are having on you currently.

      Do you know what time you were born? Where you were born? This along with your birthday will solve the puzzle.

      I hope this helps.

      Warm Regards,


      • Thanks for you reply!! Yes I have a natal chart that I refer to often ,Yes I do know that Neptune was in Sagittarius at the time of my birth, and sag is in my 2nd house. I just get a little confused about how to understand the current aspects in reference to the aspects that occurred at your specific time of birth.

    • Dear Ann,

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