Hello and Welcome To Lincolnberry58-Astroview

 About Lincolnberry58


I have worked in Education and in Human Resources. I have a love for Current Affairs and studying people. I also have lifelong passion for Astrology.

What better way to combine all these interests and passions than to set up an astrological website?

I get to do what makes me happy and brings me pleasure. You get to see patterns and answers which help provide you with potential solutions.

Your life comes into sharper focus and clearer context. You start to move forward with your life and break free from your shackles.

A Win-Win Situation.

In uncertain times, people want precise answers. The more random or uncertain the event, the more precision they want.

This site would be the ideal platform to be of service to others, provide a better focus on world events and help people understand and take back control of their lives.

Everyone wants to find their own particular place in the scheme of things. Find their own personal road map to solve, resolve and overcome their current issues.

Understanding issues and knowing how to manage them, turns them into opportunities for growth, development and healing. Who doesn’t want to feel good about their lives in the present and reap the potential benefits in the future?

Hopefully this site will give you the tools that you need and make interesting reading as well.

The more that you understand yourself, the more self-empowerment you have. After all, Information is Power, so why not make yourself more powerful?

Enjoy and happy reading.



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