The Twelve Houses – The Classifications of Angular Houses, Succedent Houses and Cadent Houses.



The houses represent the fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate. Rather than symbolizing just the outward experiences and environmental circumstances specified by most traditional astrology, the houses are also revealing of the inner state and of one’s personal subjective experience and attitudes. By noting the planets’ placements in the natal chart, an astrologer can tell which levels and areas of experience will be strongly emphasized in a person’s life.

The keyword system discussed on the following pages is meant to clarify interpretation and understanding primarily of the psychological and inner significance of the houses. It is an attempt to perceive the essential meanings of the fields of experience known as the “houses.” If the essential meanings are understood, they can then be applied to and illuminate all the diverse activities and experiences traditionally symbolized by the houses.

Emphasizing the type of house containing planets in a natal chart helps one to see the chart as a whole. One familiar way of defining the houses is to separate them into the classifications of angular, succedent, and cadent.

The Angular Houses

(1, 4, 7, 10) are associated with a self-activating quality and have an immediate impact on the structure of one’s life. The keyword for the angular houses is ACTION.

The Succedent Houses

(2, 5, 8, 11) are associated with individual desires and the areas of life we want to control and consolidate. The keyword for this type of house is SECURITY.

The Cadent Houses

(3, 6, 9, 12) are areas where there is input, exchange, and distribution of thoughts and observations. The keyword for these houses is LEARNING.

The progression of houses from angular through succedent and cadent and back to angular again symbolizes the flow of life experience: we act, we consolidate the results of our actions in order to gain security, we learn from what we have done and become aware of what remains to be done; and therefore, we act again. Thus, a person with a strong emphasis on one of these three types of houses by planetary placement invariably pours a lot of energy into and experiences many challenges related to action, security, or learning.

The houses can also be divided into groups of three, depending upon the element of the signs associated with that group of houses. Key phrases and guidelines for understanding these groups are as follows. (Psychic Trinity,’ “Trinity of Wealth,” etc. are quite old terms, and are used here primarily as convenient labels.).

Fire Houses (“THE TRINITY OF LIFE”—1, 5, 9)

These houses are associated with one’s attitude toward life and the experience of being alive. They represent an out pouring of energy into the world and aspirations that motivate us to do so. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in his or her enthusiasms, ideals, and dreams for the future. Faith and confidence (or the marked lack of it) and the need to see an effect on the world at large through one’s initiatives dominate much of the person’s life activity. The person experiences self most immediately through projecting dreams into the world and seeing them manifested as reality. Planets in the fire houses affect the individual’s ATTITUDE TOWARD LIFE ITSELF and the person’s entire sense of faith and confidence in self. The keyword that sums up the essential meaning of the fire houses is IDENTITY; for our sense of identity, our sense of being, determines our attitude toward life in general.

Earth Houses (“THE TRINITY OF WEALTH”—2, 6, 10)

These houses are associated with the level of experience wherein we try to satisfy our basic NEEDS in the practical world. Planets in these houses indicate energies that can most easily be put to use in dealing with the physical world, and that can be developed as expertise in management of resources. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives energetically in the physical world, building, doing, achieving, acquiring, and defining his or her purpose in life by the status and security achieved. Those with a strong emphasis in the earth houses tend to want to settle into a niche in life, as they are searching for the place where they can be the most productive and most easily satisfy their practical needs. This person experiences self most immediately through work, through feeling useful, and through practical achievement. He or she wants to fulfill a calling or role in the great world outside. Planets in the earth houses affect the individual’s attitudes toward vocation, career ambitions, and the capacity to produce effective results. The keyword for these houses is MATERIAL, for the earth houses deal chiefly with concerns of the material world.


These houses are associated not only with social contacts and relationships of all types, but also with CONCEPTS. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives in the mind and in relationships. Concepts and the sharing of those concepts dominate much of the person’s life activity. The person experiences self most immediately through a sense of mutual understanding with others and through discovering and expressing the reality and importance of specific ideas or theories. Planets in the air houses affect the individual’s interests, associations, mode of verbal expression, and social life. The keywords for the air houses are SOCIAL and INTELLECTUAL.

Water Houses (“THE PSYCHIC TRINITY”—4, 8, 12)

All of these houses deal with the past, with the conditioned responses that are now instinctual and operate through the emotions. Planets in these houses show what is happening on subconscious levels and indicate the process of gaming consciousness through the assimilation of the essence of the past, while simultaneously letting go of the useless memories and fears that hold us back. The person with an emphasis on these houses lives a great deal in the feelings and in his or her deeper YEARNINGS. The emotional and soul needs dominate much of the person’s life activity and energy expenditure. Planets in the water houses affect the individual’s emotional predisposition, how he or she copes with fulfilling private needs and confronting obsessive feelings, and to what extent the person lives in a private way or in the inner life. The keywords for the water houses are EMOTIONAL and SOUL.

The following presents a concise formulation of the keywords described above:

Mode of Expression Level of Experience
Angular: Action
Succedent: Security
Cadent: Learning
Fire: Identity
Earth: Material
Air: Social & Intellectual
Water: Soul & Emotional



The Planets and How They Impact The 12 Astrological Houses

Each planet rules a sign of the zodiac. This detail does not change as a planet moves around an individual’s chart. However where a planet is situated at a person’s birth gives each individual a unique and special quality which might not be shared by anyone else except the individual.

Planet Rulerships

The Sun – Leo

The Moon – Cancer

Mercury – Gemini

Venus – Taurus and Libra

Mars – Aries (Scorpio)

Jupiter – Sagittarius (Pisces)

Saturn – Capricorn (Aquarius)

Uranus – Aquarius

Neptune – Pisces

Pluto – Scorpio

[Traditional / (Previous) Ruler]

The Houses and Their Meanings


The First House and Your Rising Sign

The first house of a chart has the sign that was ascending over the horizon at the moment you were born on its cusp. This sign is known as the Rising Sign, or Ascendant. The first house has to do with how we appear or the way we come across, thus our appearance and personality. This is the essential stuff that bubbles up in us spontaneously and that is obvious to others as our trademark or activity. It is what makes us each so personally different. This house rules our personal self and everything about us that draws a reaction from our surroundings or others.

The Second House
The second house is concerned with how we respond to or field whatever impulses or unique and personal qualities we manifest via our first house. This is how we hold or “have” things (possessions, material goods, money, and the like). The second house always refers to how we secure ourselves, the kind of response we get from life and those around us.

The Third House
The third house is concerned with explorations, investigations, and inquiry and research of all kinds. It also rules connections, communications, wires, tubes — anything that we can get through with our body, mind, voice, letters, what-have-you. It is here that we explore and search for the limits of our life, whatever we are working with at the moment. A very mental house, concerned with finding, furthering, peering, and all manner of questioning. Traditionally rules short journeys, siblings.

The Fourth House
The fourth house is where we send down roots, find our limits, and generally secure ourselves. It is the end of any searching we might have done in the third house. Here we find or end our search, settle down, and manage to get in possession of the whole situation. This is our home and the base from which we can work, feel, and experience. This is the root of our experience, the core or thick of it.

The Fifth House
The fifth house has to do with awareness, emotion (to move out), and expression (to press out). Here there is always a growing sense of self-confidence and even a pride of ownership, since we begin to recognize and own our experience. We know that we have had or are having an experience. All forms of expression and offspring are connected to this house — children, animals, creative expression, and so on. A sense of direction and ownership takes hold at this point in our experience.

The Sixth House
The sixth house has to do with salvaging and preserving what is good and healthy in our experience. Here we separate the wheat from the chaff. We begin to care for ourselves and our experience and thus health, nutrition. The idea here is that we are able to analyze our experience and have thoughts about what is pure and what is not. The sixth house is an attempt to save the heart of an experience, one that already by that attempt is beginning to pass or not cohere.

The Seventh House
The seventh house is the house of partnerships, relationships, social life, and all that carries us beyond our personal self into an awareness of other people, community, and the like. This includes spiritual awakening and the discovery that we are more than just our personality. Here we begin to respond to our personal needs (and those of others) for the first time. We can see what is going on and are committed to it; thus, marriage and yoga, or union, is indicated in this house.

The Eighth House
The eighth house, traditionally the house of death, is concerned with getting rid of excess parts of ourselves that we see we no longer need. Thus this house also covers initiation and any activities where we are transforming toward a more integral position, getting to the heart of things. The no-nonsense quality of the eighth house makes it good for business ventures since here we are stripping away the dross to reveal the truth or essence of the subject.

The Ninth House
The ninth house covers long journeys and religion (the longest journey of all). Here is what remains of the purification that takes place in the eighth house — the seed, or essence, of an entire cycle of experience. Religion comes from a Latin word that means to bind back, and thus refers to all things that last or endure, such as the truth. Essential ideas, philosophy, and all that is the very heart of things belong here.

The Tenth House
The 10th house is a house of practical vision and clairvoyance, for here we can see clearly what is. Reputation and career are often connected to this house, since the areas where we can see with greatest clarity are those we most often can put to use to make a living. In summary, this house is where we have real vision and can see to do and work. Planets transiting this house may provide moments of insight and clear-seeing as well.

The Eleventh House
The 11th house has to do with putting our visions and dreams to work. We have been on the mountain and had a vision (10th house). Here we take our vows never to forget what we have seen and to work hard to make these dreams into reality. Thus this house has always been connected with altruistic and humanitarian goals and trying to set them in motion. It is the house of friends and community, because when we are powered by a real insight or vision we share with all — irrespective of differences.

The Twelfth House
The 12th house is about all that we go through in order to make our dreams into reality and manifest them in the world around us. It covers what we are willing to put up with, the sacrifices we will make in order to bring across what is really important. This is connected to prisons, institutions, betrayal, self-undoing, and the like, because it is here that we must choose to take some possible abuse for the sake of the message we are carrying, or blow it all away with a negative reaction.


The Planets and Their Meaning in Astrology

In Astrology each of the 10 planets rules a Zodiac Sign and a Zodiac House.

The following is a brief interpretation for each planet:

The Sun Rules Leo and the 5th House.

The Sun defines your personal identity, your ego and your unique self expression. It represents what you are trying to become. It’s the core of who you are, your spirit, your soul, your consciousness, your basic drive. These are all represented by the Sun.

It takes the Sun one year to complete its cycle through the Zodiac Signs.

The Moon Rules Cancer and the 4th House.

The Moon helps define our emotional development, or express the unconscious side of our personality. It explains why you do what you do. The Moon also influences our senses depending on its placement in the birth chart and is said to represent your instinctual self, which many people keep hidden.

The Moon spends 2-1/2 days in each sign and takes approximately 30 days to complete its cycle.

Mercury Rules both Gemini and Virgo. It also rules the 3rd and 6th House.

Mercury defines our mind and the way we use it. Intelligence, language, speech, writing and all forms of communication are under the influence of Mercury.

Mercury completes its rotation in a mere 88 days.

Venus Rules both Taurus and Libra. It also rules the 2nd and 7th House.

In Astrology, Venus represents the qualities of love, romance, sensuality, culture, beauty, affection and social appeal. The planet is therefore very prominent in aspects of love; influencing how you attract love as well as how you act in a relationship.

It also rules Finance, Money and what we value most, within our Value System. It also rules our aspirations and how we place and rank things in importance of achievements and goal-setting targets. This is because Venus also rules Taurus, the traditional ruler of the Second House, Money, Possessions and what we place Value upon. This can be tangible, intangible or spiritual.

The Venus cycle takes 227.4 days.

Mars Rules Aries and is sub-ruler of Scorpio. Mars also Rules the 1st House and sub-rules the 8th.

Mars indicates a sense of impulsiveness, aggressiveness, courage, action, will-power, enthusiasm, and even negative traits such as impatience, temperament, violence and conflict. Mars’ energy also motivates and drives a person to accomplish their dreams and goals in life.

Mars’ journey through all the Zodiac Signs takes approximately two years.

Jupiter Rules over Sagittarius and the 9th House. It also sub-rules Pisces and the 12th House.

Jupiter is considered the planet of luck. It symbolises expansion, development and good fortune. Jupiter can also show areas where you go to excess or can become extreme or fanatical, when in bad aspect to other planets. It can also show where over-confidence and poor planning can lead to unwelcome outcomes.

When people pass away, Jupiter can also be prominent in their chart as it is an opportunity for others to pay homage, respect and appreciation for a person’s contribution in life. It is also an opportunity for others to examine a person’s impact and significance in life, whether for good or for ill.

A Jupiter cycle takes twelve years to complete.

Saturn Rules over Capricorn and the 10th House. It also sub-rules Aquarius and the 11th House.

In Astrology Saturn is the learned Sage; the planet that teaches through experience, challenges, problems and situations. Saturn’s influence provides the endurance, patience and determination to overcome all odds.

Although often seen an a negative planet, if you have served your apprenticeship well, and learnt what you need from this planet, it can reward you with riches greater than you could ever imagine. If you have not learnt your lesson well, Saturn can bring you to your knees and take away what you already have.

Where Jupiter can bring luck, Saturn brings permanence and longevity. Saturn is a tough and unforgiving taskmaster, but once you have passed the test, you need not return to the examination hall and your path and progress can be that much easier and simpler.

If you have not passed Saturn’s Test, you just keep coming back and facing it in different scenarios and guises, with a greater degree of difficulty, until you get it right, according to Saturn. If you do not get it right in this lifetime, you will have to come back and face it all over again in the next Life. So Saturn is the ruler and master of the Human Spirit, Karma and Re-Incarnation.

You cannot escape Saturn.

Sooner or later you will learn and master what Saturn has to teach you, whether you like it or not and only then will you be allowed to move on with your life.

Where Saturn sits in your Natal Chart pinpoints the Life Lessons an individual has to face or overcome in their particular development cycle, in this current Lifetime.

Saturn moves slowly through the Zodiac Signs taking 29 years to complete one cycle.

Uranus Rules Aquarius and the 11th House.

Its expression is in the form of revolution, change, unpredictability and disruption. Uranus is associated with electricity, computers, astrology, inventions and Society as a whole.

Slow moving Uranus takes 84 years to complete its cycle; spending about 7 years in each sign.

Neptune Rules over Pisces and the 12th House.

Neptune expresses itself through mystical, spiritual and psychic forces. It also rules over drugs, alcohol, medication, the sea, photography, dreams and the subconscious.

Neptune spends about 14 years in each Sign and 168 years to complete one cycle.

Pluto Rules over Scorpio and the 8th House.

The energies associated with Pluto are power, death, rebirth, transformation, crime, secrets and that which is hidden.

Pluto is the slowest of all the planets. It takes approximately 246 years to make its way through all the Signs of the Zodiac.



Political Astrology:

Source: Celeste Teal:

The Planets in Mundane Astrology

The SunThe Sun – Signifies the head of the nation, the government or executive head. It rules the President, King, Nobles, persons of distinction, influential political or business leaders, corporation heads. The condition of the Sun reflects many things about the well-being of the nation and how it is viewed by other nations. Difficult aspects show tensions.

The MoonThe Moon – Signifies the people, the masses, and the population as a whole. It rules women in general and the manner in which they are regarded and treated. It represents popular public opinion. If afflicted it shows unrest or discord among people. It has to do with the quality of life, water and food supplies, natural resources, health, utilities and jobs connected to public essentials. If in good aspect, the Moon promotes peace, promises plentiful harvests, and indicates conditions of well-being for the population.

MercuryMercury – Signifies all forms of communication; newspapers, magazines, mail, speech, and all forms of transportation and manner of travel by road, highway, railway, sea, or air. Mercury governs education and intellectual trends, schools, and media events. In good aspect Mercury indicates high literacy rates, satisfactory educational systems and free flowing information. If afflicted, Mercury may show high rates of traffic fatalities or transportation accidents, or may mean suppression of information, problems connected to teachers or young people.

VenusVenus – Signifies that which is pleasant and enjoyable such as the arts, entertainment, music and other social pleasures, as well as diplomacy, decorum and ceremonial functions.. It is associated with both peace (soft aspects) and with war, or involvement in negotiations leading to peace. It rules fashion and glamour, artists and the feminine, aesthetics and cultural areas. It is connected with national resources and finances through bankers, financial institutions and farming. Venus signifies young women, courtship and marriage. An afflicted Venus may indicate cultural or artistic suppression, or censure.

MarsMars – Signifies military leaders, police, engineers, surgeons, people liable to die, militants, agitators, incendiaries, criminals and crimes of violence. It rules men and signifies those who fight or quarrel. It rules war and the armed forces. Mars shows areas under stress, according to sign, house and aspects. In aspect to the Sun it can stir up commotions. When in favorable aspect it shows a firm but balanced use of power. If overhead, it usually indicates that military matters come to the fore. Mars transits through an Ingress often acts as a timer for action in regard to what was indicated in the chart.

JupiterJupiter – As a planet of benevolence, Jupiter often signifies good where it falls. As an expanding force, it may mean increase or gains. It has to do with financial and trade relations globally. It rules religion, the clergy, judges and the high courts. It rules treaties and borders between countries. Jupiter’s favorable aspects promote peace and diplomacy. Afflicted, Jupiter may bring border disputes, import/export problems, international predicaments, overproduction, or religious suppression.

SaturnSaturn – Signifies land owners, farmers, mine operators, elderly persons, public buildings, national calamities, scarcities. It rules minor state execs, law enforcement agencies, state run businesses and corporations. Saturn represents the conservative side of society and governs justice, order, systems and prudence. In a Lunation, Saturn often shows where there is the devil to pay, associated with misfortune or lack, especially when angular or afflicted. If in favorable aspect Saturn stabilizes, strengthens, promotes safety and thrift, indicating conservative actions and responsible attitudes.

UranusUranus – Signifies air and rail transport, aeronautics, inventions, technology, electricity and radio frequency industries, civic and labor organizations. Afflicted, Uranus can bring strikes or riots, upheavals, revolution, lawlessness or protests. It may also bring air travel accidents, train derailments or explosions. If impacting weather by falling on the cusp of the Fourth House or angular, it can mean tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes, typhoons, severe lightning storms or earthquakes.

NeptuneNeptune – Signifies social movements, socialistic political movements, charities, socialized medicine and hospitalization. It rules collective values, popular opinion fluctuations, utopian ideas and the little people. It has to do with the conditions of the disadvantaged. It rules drugs and pharmaceuticals, tobacco, alcohol, photography, oil, gas, petroleum, kerosene, and the oceans. An afflicted Neptune may indicate political instability, collapse, elements of distortion, fraud or corruption. If angular it may indicate landslides, marine disasters, dam breaks, tidal waves, gas leaks, contagion or infestations.

PlutoPluto – Signifies the mob psychology and power of the masses. It has to do with regeneration and transformation and if in favorable aspect shows where improvements and better organization can come about. Pluto often shows where there are complications though and if afflicted may indicate sociological upheavals, power struggles, terrorism or corruption. Pluto rules nuclear power, plutonium, radium, zinc, tungsten, nickel, infra-red rays and lasers. Stressful aspects of Pluto may produce volcanoes, earthquakes, oil spills, fires, war, mudslide, avalanches or anything which involves widespread death and destruction.

The Houses in Mundane Astrology

First House – Corresponds to the country and its people, the masses, the outlook of the nation, its attitude as a unit, the strength and vitality of the country as a whole, national traits and habits. This house represents those being governed, the nation or group as a whole. The sign on the cusp and planets within represent outlook, image and characteristics. The First House concerns include domestic and interior affairs, general conditions, the health and well-being of the tax paying citizens, opinions, public consciousness and psychology of the masses. Planets in the First House are important, adding to the interpretations based on the sign on the cusp.

Second House – Corresponds to the economy, national wealth and prosperity, purchasing power of the nation, liquid assets, national expenditure, revenues and ability to make profits. This house represents banks and financial institutions, money markets, investments, stocks, bonds and shares. It represents the currency and its circulation, liquid assets, consumer spending, commerce and all activities connected with money. Museums and galleries fall here.

Third House – Corresponds to all forms and methods of transportation and communications. It rules roadways, bridges, railways, automobiles and buses, traffic, transit and public travel facilities by land, sea or air. It rules all communication departments having to do with news or information conveyance such as newspapers, periodicals, magazines, radio, television, mail, the Post Office, telephones, Internet. It rules advertising, the media, literature, schools, Board of Education, speech and language. This house also represents relations with neighboring countries and has to do with local losses sustained by accidents or storms.

Fourth House – Corresponds to the living conditions of the population, housing, real estate, farming and agriculture, crops and produce. This house represents the Homeland, the Flag, and patriotism. It has to do with the interests of the people. It rules mining, mines, minerals, coal pits, quarries. It reflects upon the land and weather conditions; earthquakes, landslides, forest fires, floods, mining disasters, holocausts of war. It rules the opposition party in government, or the party out of power. A planet near the cusp affects the weather according to its nature and if a malefic, may negatively impact the government.

Fifth House – Corresponds to children and their interests, amusement parks, movies, the theatre, arts, places of entertainment, sports and leisure. It rules gambling, lotteries, games of chance, speculative interests and is linked to the economy through speculation in the Stock Market. This house represents enjoyment, fun, social functions, high society, and public happiness or sorrow. It rules the birth rate, as well as the public school system (with the 3rd). It rules ambassadors and government representatives.

Sixth House – Corresponds to the laboring classes and volunteers who work for pay such as those who enlist in the Army, Navy, Police and Civil Services. It rules employment, unemployment and wage conditions. It rules labor unions, labor organizations, all branches of the Military and issues of national defense. It rules organizations that serve in times of crisis such as the Red Cross and Salvation Army. This house also represents public health, medical services and health workers; nursing, dentistry, practitioners and healers. Through its connection with health, this house rules food and drink.

Seventh House – Corresponds to foreign relations, international disputes, war and peace, treaties, alliances, truces and/or disputes, and open enemies. It also has to do with national disputes and anything that interferes with or contributes to public harmony. It rules dealings with others, business relationships, mergers and agreements. This house represents public attitude toward marriage and divorce and the marriage and divorce rates. It rules women or the status of women in the nation (the Fifth House also rules conditions impacting “women and children”).

Eighth House – Corresponds to mortality rates, funerals, morgue, coroner, the kinds of people who die and vital statistics. It rules foreign stocks and bonds, the Stock Market, taxes, the national debt, interest rates, inheritance and capital gains taxes. It rules insurance companies, settlement of damage claims, pensions and Social Security benefits paid out. This house represents public income and earning power from investments and frozen assets. This house also represents financial relations with other nations, debts from foreign countries, financial status of competitors and of enemies in time of war.

Ninth House – Corresponds to long distance travel whether for passengers or commerce; air travel, shipping, sea traffic, foreign imports and exports, foreign lands, high seas, and weather conditions around the coasts. It rules foreigners, exchange students, immigration and long distance communication. It rules ecclesiastical and legal professions, religious affairs and religion, the church, justice, lawyers and law courts. It represents universities, academies, higher education, science, publishing, books, publications and educated classes active in writing, publishing and professional fields such as professors, journalists and those who control the media. It reflects the attitude of the press toward the public.

Tenth House – Corresponds to the president or prime minister, the chief executive, the government and the person representing the government as its head. This house rules the leadership and it reflects upon the nation’s status among other nations, its honor and recognition abroad, the nation’s influence in the world and world opinion of it. It rules the party in power. This house also represents famous or eminent persons. The most favorable planets in this house are the Sun or Jupiter.

Eleventh House – Corresponds to the friends and allies of the nation and the legislative branches of government. This house rules the institutions of government such as the legislature, Senate, House of Representatives, as well as local governments. It rules the VP, legislation and politics, associations and community groups, and the Stock Exchange as an organization. The Eleventh House represents the nation’s aims, desires, purposes and projects. In a national figure, it rules the Treasury.

Twelfth House – Corresponds to disturbances or conditions that work against the public welfare. This house rules correctional institutions, places of detention, jails, and prisons. It rules places of confinement; hospitals, retirement homes and charities. It rules things that are hidden; secret groups, secret government entities, spies, and secret enemies. It rules crime and criminals, terrorist activities, hostage situations, behind the scenes manipulation, involuntary services ordered by law, organizations devoted to forcible control or condemnation of people, slavery, covert aggression or conditions of exile.

Source: Celeste Teal:

Neptune In Pisces Through The Houses

Dear Readers,

In this article I am going to look at what Neptune in Pisces means as it transits through the different houses.

In your natal chart, the planets are situated in certain positions at your birth. These planets move as your life progresses. Once you know your time, date and place of birth, you’ll know where the planets are in your natal chart. This article focuses on where the planets have transited to in the meantime.

Neptune will remain in Pisces for roughly 14 years, so the changes brought about by this planet are going to be substantial, slow-moving and quite profound. It won’t just affect people on a personal level it will also have a generational pull which will impact upon their mindset and how they function within their community, their country and with their colleagues.

Neptune is about culture, fashion and perception and has a different meaning and impact depending on which house it is transiting. When occupying Pisces, Neptune is concerned with endings and the resolution of all that has gone before. The events and personal behaviour of the previous signs find their synthesis in this configuration and the outcome found here is a logical conclusion to all that has gone beforehand. The 9th house activities of Neptune will be very significant in this respect.

In the 1st house, we are dealing with how one is perceived and not how one perceives or projects themselves. This transit of Neptune suggests a change in how people will see us. It could be an improvement, like a lottery win, or a downgrade, such as a divorce or loss of job or public disappointment such as losing an election. In extreme cases, such as after an accident to oneself or a close relative or friend; or religious mania, a loss of identity, self or who one is and what they believe in can occur.

The 2nd house deals with personal finance. Fluctuation of money can occur here. No clear idea of how the money is coming in and where it is going to. The money is spent before it is earned. An illusory belief that the flow of money will continue. Entertainers and performers often have this configuration in their chart. The suggestion being to try to save while the tap is switched on. Money can be made though through artistic and creative activities. However uncertainty and a hand-to-mouth existence tend to predominate during this period.

During a 3rd house transit of Neptune, issues to do with family, siblings and the immediate environment come to the fore. There may either be a detachment from loved ones or a desire to get to the bottom of a mystery or secret which has been troubling the native.

The 4th house deals with the home and the mother, or the dominant parent or guardian in a person’s life. It could mark the beginning of a new phase where the native leaves home for the first time, or is forced to leave a familiar environment and start afresh some place new. Emigrating to a new country or being posted to a new country for work reasons are possibilities. It could also mark the beginning of a new phase between the native and their mother. The latter may retire, or may need additional or extra help, be it emotional, financial or physical.

In the 5th house, people may fall in love with or be attracted to unusual people. They are different from the norm in some way that is quickly perceived by others. They could be more talented, cleverer, dishonest than the average person. The 5th house is also the house of the 1st born child, so a worry or pre-occupation with the affairs of this child can occur. Depending on the aspect this could be a healthy concern for the native’s welfare or an obsession which may alienate the partner or other siblings, who resent this unfair time allocation and distribution.

The 6th house refers to work, co-workers and our general health. This house can also refer to people who answer to us in some capacity. The native may not be their boss, but if you are paying them for a service or function, at that particular moment in time, you are their boss. Neptune in this house would suggest some uncertainty or confusion as to how to behave or conduct oneself in this situation. If you are paying a friend to fix your car and they make a mess of the job are they still your friend, or an employee, in this particular instance? Neptune in this house would also suggest paying special attention to medicine labels and reading them very carefully, and watching how much you drink. The body may react or over react and make the native unusually dizzy, sleepy and restless if Neptune has a bad aspect from this house. In good aspect, your co-workers will feel that they can approach you openly without any barriers.

The 7th house deals with relationships and in particular the person who is our current spouse or the most important person in our lives presently. Whereas the 5th house deals with love affairs and people we are attracted to, the 7th house takes this a step further and deals with the significant people who impact upon us. A love affair will show up in the 5th house, but the significance of it will be in the 7th house. If a married spouse is having an affair, the 7th house will show which of the native’s two partners is the dominant force in their lives. A native can still have strong feelings (positive or negative) for an ex. This will also show in the 7th house. Neptune in this house is also a strong indicator that either there is deception in this relationship or that the motivation and basis of this relationship is not honest, sincere or clear-headed. Neptune in Pisces in the 7th house would also suggest that the situation is due for resolution and that all will be revealed, slowly but surely. While the 5th house is concerned with the first child, the 7th house is concerned with the second child and their relationship with the native. Natives with a 7th house Neptune will be able to tap into other people’s thoughts and aspirations almost subconsciously.

The 8th house focuses on the finances of the partner, the subconscious, the occult, the sex drive of the native and in conjunction with the first and fourth houses, decline and death. Only when the fourth house and first house confirm and validate transits in the eigth house are we looking at personal demise. Usually in this house there is a confusion or obsession with sex and sexual identity. The financial affairs of the partner can also come to the fore with this particular transit. A negative Neptune suggests deception and fraud and attempts to deceive the partner financially. A positive Neptune would indicate a healthy interest in the occult, the mysteries of life and a desire to understand their facets and get back to the basic fundamentals of life.

The 9th house rules long journeys, the higher mind, religion and the third child in the family. Neptune placed in this house, especially in Pisces can lead to extremism, fanaticism and fundamentalism. Neptune rules culture, fashion and what is currently in vogue within a society. In the ninth house Neptune is within its own element.

Why? Because traditionally Jupiter used to rule Pisces before Neptune was discovered. Jupiter still rules Sagittarius which is the Lord of the 9th house and therefore Neptune in the 9th house is the home-from-home for this planet.

The years between 2011 and 2025 will see this aspect come to the fore more as commonly-held philosophies come under attack and no longer seem able to justify themselves in the scheme of things. Democracy, autocracy, mainstream religion, altruism and concepts of liberty, freedom and power will be challenged. The existing hierarchy will not be able to assume implicit acceptance of their ideas and will have to fight their corner. In doing so, they may have to retreat to a basic atavistic, nationalistic and patriotic crusade to get their voices heard or believed. The political centre will come under great pressure and there will be an ideological battle for hearts, minds and souls. While turmoil, strife and social dislocation may be occurring at one level, great advances and developments will be simultaneously manifesting themselves in the fields of medicine and agricultural science.

At a personal level and at a generational level there will be a lot of subconscious reflection and analysis as to where are we, where are we going and how do we successfully get to where we want to go? The old ways will not necessary hold all the answers and new ways at looking at old problems may be invoked. With Pluto square Uranus until 2015 novelty and innovation may be the order of the day. The tail may start to wag the dog and the power elites (Pluto) may have to reform how they do things (Capricorn) in order to pacify the people and their cultural aspirations (Neptune). The period from 2015 – 2025 could be the laying of new foundations ready for when Neptune enters Aries in 2025 ushering in new beginnings.

A power struggle between Pluto and Uranus will definitely take place during this period. Neptune will seek to loosen and blur the ties that bind us and force us to reconsider and look at things differently. A new paradigm will emerge, very different from the one we see or operate in currently.

The 10th house rules career, our personal aspirations and our place in the world. Where the 1st house deals with how others perceive us, the 10th house focuses upon how we project ourselves on to the world. How we want to be seen, our image. Unless the ruler of the 1st house occupies the 10th house, how we are seen is usually different to how we project ourselves. The 10th house also rules the native’s father or the dominant parent in the native’s life. A native may follow into a similar profession or look very like that particular parent if the ruling sign of the 1st house occupies the tenth house. However Neptune occupying this house presents a very different set of issues for the native. Neptune in the tenth house indicates an unusual or mysterious occupation such as an entertainer, writer, musician, government agent or someone whose income and popularity fluctuates regularly. Neptune will also attract deception and criminal activities. Mystery crime writers and people dabbling in criminal underworld activities will both flourish and congregate in the 10th house. Medical people and careers in hospitals also emerge with Neptune in the 10th house.  Occasionally, spiritual gurus and religious visionary leaders can be found with this configuration.

With Neptune transiting Pisces in the 10th house, a native’s career can be bestowed with achievement, honour and prestige not fully expected or a complete collapse and fall from grace, equally not expected. Politics and high office often have Neptune in and around the 10th house as power and deception often accompany the desire for a higher profile. In order to achieve preferment individuals have to develop an effective filter system to disregard many things which may deflect or deter a lesser native’s desire for ambition. Neptune in the 10th house is an ideal placement for self-deception and self-denial. Many successful people have had to overcome severe handicaps and heartaches to achieve and prosper. If they did not convince themselves that tomorrow would be better than today, there would be no tomorrow. A benign Neptune can help soften the pain and filter out negative self-introspection. It also gives an intuitive knowledge for what career paths and opportunities best suit the native and when to pursue them.

The 11th house deals with friends, associates, associations, wishes and desires. This is the house of the fourth child and humanitarian endeavours. Neptune in this house might suggest either devious and ulterior reasons for friendship or people who seek to befriend you for dishonest reasons. Neptune in this house would also indicate clubs and associations which might have occult and religious leanings. Likewise friends and associates might be a bit dreamy and unworldly. The wishes and aspriations of the native may be somewhat unrealistic or not well thought through. Unless Neptune is well aspected from this house, there may be mysterious and secretive associations whose interests are not for the common good and are shrouded and deliberately hidden from view. A well aspected Neptune in this house would suggest a generous disposition towards friends and associates, which in turn is returned when the native needs that support and assistance.

The 12th house is the last house of the native’s chart and is tradionally ruled by Pisces and its ruler Neptune. It is the house of escapism, self-reflection and sorrow. It is where we reflect upon our actions and see the outcome of our efforts. In this house we seek and find seclusion. This can be voluntary, like going to a quiet country retreat, or imposed, such as being exiled from your country after a revolution or coup. The purpose of the 12th house is to reflect upon past events and prepare for the forthcoming season, ushered in by 1st house activities. What happens in the 12th house is usually kept private and the native either wishes to keep the secret they have, or it is advisable for them to do so. A secret affair or medical condition or participating in a criminal activity are such examples.

Neptune in this house would indicate someone who needs to recharge their batteries and lie low for awhile. The native would also be someone who would better flourish and work effectively behind the scenes. An adverse Neptune in the 12th house might indicate a fugitive or someone hiding for reasons they would rather keep secret. The planet Neptune is aspecting would determine the nature of the secret. Mercury, would suggest writings and communications. Venus to do with affairs of the heart and relationships. Jupiter might suggest a lottery winner who wants to keep their good fortune to themselves or a person who wishes to keep quiet about unexplained earnings and income.

Neptune in Pisces is preparation for the new beginnings which will occur when Neptune enters into Aries. This period from 2012 until 2025 is a time of spring cleaning when all that is old or no longer serves any practical purpose will be or has to be swept away. Depending on which house Neptune in Pisces occupies in the native’s chart, determines the area and sphere of life which needs to be overhauled and re-evaluated.

The native will have the opportunity to make the necessary changes to their lives, but if they choose not to do so, Neptune like Saturn, Uranus and Pluto will step in and make the necessary changes for them whether they want them to or not. Whether the change is beneficial to them, or adverse, it will create challenges and opportunities that the native will have to confront and spend a lot of time negotiating and accepting. At the end of the process the native will be a very different individual from the one at the beginning.

The purpose of this change is to prepare the native for the new period and equip them for this new reality. For some it will be a pleasantly surprising experience, for others it might feel like their worst nightmare made real. Either way, it is an irreversible journey which has to be taken to meet the needs and requirements of this demanding Universe. After all our Fate is written in the stars, isn’t it?

Happy Reading.


What Does Neptune in Pisces Mean Until 2025?

Neptune is currently in Aquarius but is due to go back into Pisces from February 2012 and stay there until at least 2023.

What does this all mean? For an individual or collectively?

Neptune rules the unconscious, it rules culture, ideology, fashion, how we perceive the world and construct a coherent reality in which we can function. Since everyone’s reality is different, Neptune also rules deception, deceit and self-denial and how one’s truth merges with another person’s, to bring about resolution and a new paradigm. Or seeks to deliberately avoid it.

Where Uranus rules sudden ‘out-of-the-blue’ changes, Neptune rules the ‘long time coming’ change, the way we see a train coming to the station before it actually arrives. The inevitable ultimate consequence of actions. If we eat enough chocolates all our teeth will fall out. We keep on eating over many years, and our teeth eventually fall out. We are not surprised, but are surprised because it actually happens and does come to pass. Just because something is not tangible or cannot be seen by the naked eye, doesn’t mean it does not exist. Inert gases and faith are two such examples. Neptune therefore also rules gases, faith and belief. It also rules crime and mystery because the former is form of deception and the latter a form of belief. People who write crime novels or are religiously driven would have a strong Neptune in their chart.

Pisces is the last of the 12 ideological signs. Where Aries signifies the beginning, Pisces is about endings, resolutions, conclusions. It also rules Karma and Escapism.What begins in Aries concludes in Pisces.

Neptune in Pisces would suggest that culture, fashion, religion and how people will perceive things in general will have to change and it will be the logical consequence of all that has gone before.

Since Neptune will be in a different sign for many people and occupy a different place in the sky at their birth, its impact will  felt be felt differently. However there will be common threads emerging. Firstly, many things that appeared immutable and unmovable will actually move. They will be challenged, judged and in many cases overthrown. Because Neptune rules gases, there will be a void for awhile until people figure out what to replace the ancien regime with. People will float along with uncertainty and fill this chasm with reflexive and instinctive feelings and thoughts. ie, a return to the dogmatism, certainty and extremism of both the Left and the Right. Centrism will find it hard to flourish in this period. Governments and their solutions will seek to assuage the basic concerns of the homogeneous many over the hetrogeneous few. ‘Protecting what we have, protecting what we know,’ will be a common theme and mantra heard endlessly over this coming period. A form of cultural protectionism will prevail.

Secondly, new and alternative theories and ways of looking at things will emerge.  This would be in the field of medicine, the environment, the immediate world we live in and what we call ‘outer space’.

The coming road journey is going to be full of uncertainty and will zig-zag. A straight line will be hard to find. Every time certainty is within grasp it will dissolve into a mirage and we will all have to start again. Only when the old order has been replaced with a workable new alternative will Neptune in Pisces give way to Neptune in Aries. Since Neptune spends up to 14 years in each sign, this process is going to be like a slow train coming.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Happy Reading.


How (I think) Astrology Works – 101

Dear Readers,

This is Victor Gregory Seldom and I am writing this article for two reasons. One to introduce my view of astrology to the readers and two to see if I am using WordPress properly and that people can actually see what I am writing about.

If I am telling you what you already know, skip to the section which is new to you. if none of this is new to you, this section is not really for you.

Based on your time of birth, date and place of birth, the planets align in a constellation and configuration unique to only you. We astrologers make a note of this and draw a chart as shorthand to record this data. This is your natal chart and only you have it. People born the same time, place and birth as you, in the same hospital, will have a different chart, because it is likely they will have different parents from you!

With this natal chart we divide into 12 sectors and start to draw out information about you, based on this unique snapshot. Each planet and sign have certain characteristics and based on how they interact with each other in this natal chart, we have the blueprint for you at birth.

What we want to know and what you want to know is how does all this change over time?

This is where a good asrologer comes into their own and earns their money. We look at Transits and Progressions. We look at how the planets have moved over the short -term (Transits) and over the year(s) (Progressions).

We look for trends and possible areas of concern and interest. We then advise people on these future trends and invite them to make decisions based on their self-judgement and our insights.

That is the theory, anyway.

Of particular interest to an astrolger is what planets were strongest at the time of birth, as these planets will continue to play a lasting role throughout a person’s life. Some consciously, some karmically and some unconsciously.

The most important for me is the Rising Sign. The exact time of birth, date of birth and location of birth, will give me this. Armed with this, a more accurate reading can be given and this Rising Sign can be more powerful or accurate than a person’s Sun Sign and can override this equally important piece of information.

Once you know you Rising Sign, it is worth reading it along with your Sun Sign when you read your daily astrological reading.

More to follow soon…

Happy Reading,


Hello world! Glad to meet you all

Hello world! Glad to meet you all.

AstroView from Lincolnberry58

An Introduction

Hello my name is Victor Ewulu and my key interest is astrology and how it interacts with politics, business and entertainment.

I intend to write some articles and blogs on astrology once I get the hang of this WordPress, so please bear with me.

In the meantime if you have any questions or ideas for possible astroblogs please contact me.

I hope that my future articles will prove useful, offer some insights and help some people reflect on matters in a different way. To those who are sceptical of astrology, there is not much I can say except that these blogs are for fun and interest and not to form opinion or shape decision-making. Ultimately, we all have to make our own decions.

Happy Reading.


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